Cache in to Win!!


We’ve teamed up with Enjoy England, Blacks, Millets and the guys at to launch the biggest Geocaching event the UK has ever seen!!

"What is Geocaching?", its an outdoor adventure game the whole family will enjoy – combining the thrill of a treasure hunt with the discovery of new places.

A cache is a small waterproof box hidden somewhere outdoors. It typically contains items such as collectable geocoins or other treasures and a logbook and pen. Go to and find a cache that tempts your sense of adventure. Then simply transfer the clues and location coordinates (or ‘waypoints’) to your Garmin GPS handheld.


Use your Garmin to guide your quest for the cache and, once found, take an item from the box, or leave something in return. Then write a comment in the logbook and leave the cache in the same place and condition it was found.

When home, return to: and leave a note to encourage the next person to join in.

Geocaching with Garmin – grab a Geocoin and pass it on to keep the game alive.


Take part in Garmin’s geocaching treasure hunt to win adventure prizes for the whole family:

2 x £500 Superbreak Holiday vouchers
25 x £30 Blacks / Millets gift vouchers
5 x Oregon 300s


How to play:

Seek out new coins to keep the game going and follow the trail online
Once you log your coin, you will also be automatically entered into a draw for a chance to win adventure prizes and discount vouchers.