A Focus On Fleet For Garmin

the global leader in GPS, is increasing its focus on its Fleet Management

Taylor has been appointed Director of Fleet Management &
Commercial Business
for EMEA and APAC specifically to lead longer-term growth and success in the
Fleet sector. Having been at Garmin for 7 years specialising in the Automotive
Market, his role in Fleet Solutions has increased significantly over that time.
Lately he’s played a key worldwide role in developing the sector, with Fleet
now being a pivotal focus for Garmin.

His new role is to manage the increasing demand for fleet services, to look
into fresh new products and ideas, as well as to boost the profile of Garmin’s
Commercial Fleet and Solutions Business.

is the ideal choice for Fleet Managers as we offer such a wide range of flexible
solutions via our partners.” says Clive Taylor. “By combining our GPS expertise
and ability to offer economies of scale and customisation along with mobile
fleet tracking and compatible sensor technology we can offer price-effective and
adaptable solutions.”

well as providing vehicle-specific directions (customisable by vehicle height,
weight, load etc) and job scheduling, Garmin’s Fleet Management system offers
two-way communications between the control centre and drivers and the ability
to fully monitor a mobile workforce. The result is a greater ability to plan
ahead, greater efficiencies and greater level of customer service. Most
importantly the result is a quicker RoI.

Assman has also been appointed Senior Product Manager for Fleet. He previously
worked at Navigon in the mobile navigation sector. He’s been at Garmin for two
years but and his new role is to define features and products for the
fleet market and co-ordinate technical support across the division.

Clive Taylor continues “The great advantage of
Garmin’s Fleet Management Solutions is their ease of use. They are simple to
purchase, install, use and maintain. If your aim is to improve your service and
reach a quick RoI, you don’t want to waste precious time being overloaded with
data. You define your particular goals and build on new services as and when
required. Driving efficiency & service is the key to our offering.”

offers a wide range of useful, versatile and cost-efficient fleet solutions
from fully autonomous telematics solutions to truck-specific navigators.
Alongside this, sensor technology such as reverse cameras, drive cameras,
secure mounts and more ensures Garmin is at the forefront of Fleet Management.

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solutions for business or becoming an Approved Partner go to