5 Tips For A Stress Free Road Trip

Whether checking out a new attraction, visiting a friend or simply exploring the countryside, you may find yourself suffering from one or more of the major causes of road trip rage: confusion, car trouble, hunger and lack of concentration. While we can’t do much about a car full of excitable children, the latest sat nav tech can take the stress out of your next road trip.

1.       Helping you navigate the road

It can be hard to get to grips with road systems in a new area and for less confident drivers, new roads can mean a lot more stress. Garmin sat navs are equipped with features to keep you updated with speed limits, camera and exit alerts, plus advice on handling tricky junctions.

Road trip

2.       Planning a multi-stop journey

Picking up a friend on the way to an event or taking a tour around the country? You can easily add a via point to program in your stop before you leave. You can rest assured that your GPS-enabled technology will automatically choose the most efficient route for you, so you won't waste time (and fuel) getting lost. 

3.       Driving distractions – stay focused

Loud passengers, a long drive or adverse weather conditions can all impact negatively on concentration levels. The latest sat nav products feature bright, clear displays with easy-to-read screens that don’t distract from your view of the road. If you’d prefer to listen to your directions, voice technology can cut through background noise and some models even respond to spoken requests so you just tell your sat nav where you want to go.


4.       Identify useful points of interest

Half the fun of embarking on a road trip is the possibility of exploring a completely new corner of the world. Unfortunately, this can often result in the desperate need for a rest stop, hotel or garage without the first clue of how to find one. Sat navs can easily identify useful points of interest along your journey. 

5.       What to do when you break down

If the worst comes to the worst and you break down far from home, sat nav emergency functions can provide you with your coordinates as well as the nearest fuel stations, hospitals and police stations. You can save your current location to use as a reference point, should you need to leave your vehicle.

6.       Be safe

Using your sat nav when driving can cause accidents, so make sure you plan your route before you set off or pull over to make any changes to your destination.