Which Forerunner is Sam?

Forerunner Sam

The “Which Forerunner are you?” series showcases runners like yourself that you can relate to. Learn more about the runners by following our series and you will be able to answer the question of which Forerunner you are.  

Many people begin running because they want to stay healthy and get in better shape.While we get older, there is always an increased focus on taking care of our bodies.

Sam is about to turn 30 and staying healthy is one of her top priorities. Running consistently is a great way to achieve this and that’s why she started to run in the first place. It doesn’t matter if it’s cold, dark or raining. She is always up for a challenge and will never let the elements slow her down.

Excuses are easy to make and she isn’t interested in making them. It will never be the perfect day. It might be hot, raining, snowing or humid, but conquering those challenges only make the journey that much more enjoyable.

Let us know if you can relate to Sam because you never let anything slow you down. Also, let
us know which Forerunner you think she is based on her story. Stop by next week to meet Richard who is 39 years old and an ex-Royal Marine. Richard’s background helps him stay disciplined and to constantly set goals and take them down.

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