Which Forerunner are you?

The “Which Forerunner are you?” series showcases runners like yourself that you can relate to. Learn more about the runners and you will be able to answer the question – which Forerunner are you?  

Before you can answer this question, we want to see if you can determine which Forerunners are best for our six runners and if you relate to any of them. Today, we will give you a brief background on each runner and follow up each week with their stories:


Caroline – She is 36 years old and has been running for 15 years. Caroline decided to ramp up her training and take running more seriously six years ago to prepare a marathon with her partner.


Sam – She is 29 years old and is an avid runner. One of Sam’s top priorities is to stay in shape and running helps her achieve that.


Richard – He is 39 years old and an ex-Royal Marine. Richard’s background helps him staydiscipline and to constantly set goals and take them down.


Harriet – She is also 29 years old and is so dedicated that her run often doubles as a commute. Harriet enjoys running, but she is also a fan of rewarding herself after burning all of those calories.


Carol – She is 42 years old, but she isn’t letting her age get in the way. Carol just started running a few years ago, but she is determined to keep at it and make improvements.


Alice – She is 24 years old and is focused on an upcoming marathon. Alice doesn’t necessarily care about her finish time, but she takes pride in the strength and courage it takes to finish all 26.2 miles.

This is just the first look into the stories behind Caroline, Richard, Carol, Sam, Harriet and Alice. Each person has different reasons to run and they have different qualities that make them unique and put purpose behind each step they make.

Make sure you come back to learn more about our runners. Also, click here to visit our new Forerunner website and let us know which Forerunner you think you are.