Vote for your County Caching champion

Geocachers from across the UK have been out County Caching and the first week’s gallery is full of fantastic photos. Log on to to vote on the best photo from last week. The winner will be entered into the final and have their photo displayed on the County Caching homepage. 

Each week the gallery is refreshed and another winner will be chosen by the geocaching community until all 12 finalists have been selected who’ll then stand a chance to win an Oregon 550 or a trip to stunning Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada courtesy of Frontier Canada!

County caching one Log on:
Select a geocache
Go geocaching
Take a photo
Submit to WIN!

County Caching

All you need to take part is a handheld GPS to hunt down the caches and a camera that can upload photos to your PC, why not get out in the great outdoors and go County Caching with Garmin!