Vivofit Real Women Test New Fitness Band

Meet the Real women who’ve volunteered to test the new Garmin fitness band, vívofit!

We appealed for ladies who felt they needed a kick-start to get more active in their everyday lives to try vívofit and record their progress. We had an overwhelming response from people all over the UK and Ireland, but we found five individuals who we thought would really benefit.

So here they are, and over the next few months we’ll be finding out how they’re getting on with their fitness journey.


Lynn is 38 years old and lives in Kent. She has two children. Her aim is to improve her general fitness. She currently has one tennis lesson a week and has just been skiing, but doesn’t feel she is generally fit.


Catriona, from Scotland, is 41, has 4 children and wants to lose weight and tone up. She’s just started doing some metafit classes – her first regular exercise in about ten years!


Shelley is 34, has 3 children and is from Belfast. She manages to go to Pilates once a week and walks the dog regularly. She’s hoping to complete the Belfast Marathon this year as one member of a relay team.


Lyndsey is 35 and is a clinical lead nurse in the NHS and runs her own part-time aesthetic clinic so tries to fit in exercise where she can, along with bringing up two children.  She lives in Yorkshire – near a snowdome where she likes to go snowboarding as often as possible.


Monika from Wales is the youngest of our vívofit women at 24. She likes lacrosse, swimming and goes to gym classes regularly. Her goal is to improve her strength and get as physically fit as possible. 

We’ll be following our vívofit women over the next few months to see how they get on with the vívofit band – what they found particularly useful about it, whether it helped motivate them, and ultimately whether they feel fitter and healthier as a result.

So keep watching for regular updates! 

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