Tribe Photo Get Through Bay Of Biscay

An update from James Kell of Tribe Photo:

In the past month we have managed to sail [unscathed!] through the Bay of Biscay and down to Lisbon. Although cold the journey has been excellent thus far.  We are currently three on board Libertas: Charlotte our Danish chef, Tintin our Croatian sailor and myself (James).  

Close up

Libertas is a fast, ocean-converted Beneteau First 40 equipped with some of the latest and greatest Garmin products.  The Garmin 751 chartplotter combined with the Garmin 18xHD radar and BlueCharts puts world-best navigation capabilities into our rather small sailing yacht.  The radar and AIS was a huge help to us crossing the English Channel and entering Lisbon – both times they made for a much safer outcome than if we were trying to navigate these busy waters using traditional methods!  

Front boat

2 boats

Our next leg takes us to Cadiz, Spain and then across to the Canary Islands where we meet up with Tribble Reece and Gus Kell. We will then be documenting Tribble’s first trans-Atlantic sailing adventure aiming for Haiti, where we will undertake the pilot project for Tribe Photo, a new movement that aims to put cameras and camera skills in the hands of remote villagers.