Tri247 rates the FR60

Respected triathlon web community Tri247 has given our FR60 sportswatch a glowing review.


Designed for all-round fitness, the FR60 can be used indoors and out and expanded with optional heart rate, cadence and footpod sensors to collect the stats you want from your workout.

With last year’s positive review of the Forerunner 50 still ringing in their ears, Tri247 was bound to put the FR60 through its paces to see how our new entry-level sportswatch measures up. In fact, they were so keen to give it a rigorous road test that they took it to Hawaii for the Iron Man World Championships.

As you’ll see from the review, the FR60 more than rose to the challenge set by its popular predecessor, with its extra lap memory, AutoScroll, AutoPause, Virtual Partner and male and female versions giving it the edge.

Tri247 particularly commended our new mini footpod, which ‘nailed the distance’, saying when paired with the FR60: “we know of much acclaimed triathlon run routes that are less well measured”.

They wrap up the review saying: “if you don't want a GPS unit on your wrist but you do want speed and distance while running and biking plus the ability to store and download a whole Ironman's worth of data, the FR60 delivers all that for a price point that nothing else can touch”

A fitting commendation from the fittest of review panels, proving there’s a demand for flexible, entry-level sportswatches even for the most punishing workouts.