Tracking Your Sleep with vívofit

Garmin's vívofit captures your movement during sleep, allowing you to view and analyze your quality of sleep each night, and over time. By also logging your sleep mood when you wake up, you can evaluate and make adjustments to your sleep time accordingly to ensure a happy morning! Vívofit also accounts for naps, which are logged when you trigger sleep mode during times of the day that are not specified in your usual sleep hours.


When you’re going to sleep, simply press and hold the button on your vívofit for approximately four seconds until “SLEEP” appears on the screen. When you wake up, press and hold the button again to exit sleep mode. When you sync your device, Garmin Connect will reflect the quality of sleep you got that night and you can input how you woke up feeling by selecting the “great,” “okay,” or “bad” icons. Large spikes in movement indicate when you were particularly restless, or perhaps woke up briefly.


Don’t worry if you don’t remember to trigger sleep mode, you can always manually input your sleep start and wake times in Garmin Connect when you sync your device the next day to recover the sleep chart. Click on the editing icon next to the total hours slept in the sleep widget and confirm your start and wake times.


Over time you can view your sleep mood and total hours logged. Using these charts you can analyze trends in sleep times, and how you felt the next day. Do you feel great when you get seven hours? Are you waking up feeling bad when you get anything less than six hours? You can use these indicators to try and adjust your bed and wake times for your best night’s sleep. 

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