Track your Surf Session with Surf Tracker

You’ve had a really long day catching waves at the beach, but have nothing to show for the hours you’ve spent tirelessly swimming and working at it. Now, with the Surf Tracker data field on your Garmin smartwatch, you can track every single wave you ride and more.


With the Surf Tracker data field from the Connect IQ store you can track your surf sessions in real time. This data field estimates the number of waves you’ve rode using a speed and time threshold to mark the start and end of a wave ride. Surf Tracker can also show your total number of waves ridden, the total wave ride time, maximum speed during the wave ride, and the distance covered. Surf Tracker must be used in a 1-field data screen and used in activity while GPS is on.


Now you’re ready to take a dip and embrace the power of your Garmin smartwatch with Surf Tracker from the Connect IQ store. You can download Surf Tracker here! Remember to share your surf sessions and adventures with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram by using hashtag #Garmin or #ConnectIQ.