Track what you love with the newly enhanced Garmin GTU 10

An exciting free update is now available for Garmin GTU 10 users, with some great new features to make this personal tracking device more invaluable than ever. These include:

With its simple set-up and user-friendly experience, GTU 10 is the obvious choice when tracking the things you love: your car, caravan, boat, fleet vehicles, pet, luggage, or even your children. Read on to find out why.

Nigel, boat
"The GTU 10 enables me to relax when I’m on-shore. Should my boat move due to the anchor dragging I will receive a text alert".




"My car is my pride and joy. I know that if someone steals it I can quickly look on my iPhone and locate its whereabouts within the last 30 seconds"



Family Our kids walk to and from school so as parents we want to know that they have arrived safely. Our trusted GTU 10 sends us an alert as soon as they arrive at school or back home.



                                    "CaravanLeaving our caravan all day while we are out and about exploring used to be a concern, but not now we have a GTU 10. Should the caravan be moved we will receive a text message telling us it has left the site".



Running in dark


"My husband worries about me when I go for my evening run, especially when it’s dark. But thanks to the GTU 10 he can have more peace of mind, and keep tabs on my progress to see how fast I am running".





Horse"My beloved horse Casper grazes in the field during the day, but he has managed to break into other fields in the past. GTU 10 takes away this worry. It will send me an email at work saying Casper has exited his paddock. A quick call to the landowner and Casper is safely brought back into his field".


To get your GTU 10 updated, just plug it into your computer using a USB cable, run the Garmin WebUpdater and follow the instructions.