Tips on Accomplishing your Daily Step Goal

Step goal

The magic number for steps in a day seems to be 10,000 steps. But the big question is: how do I get there?

With vívoactive you can track your activity on a day-to-day basis and eventually reach and push through your step goals.

Here’s a few ways to work towards those goals.

What am I trying to accomplish? This might be the biggest question to ask yourself as you start to set walking or running goals. Are you doing this for weight loss, improved cardio, general conditioning, or all of these things? The importance of having a stated goal, even with walking, can help you get more out of your daily routine and push yourself.

Find the time. If you haven’t been exercising then setting up your starting point will be key. Build in multiple times to walk each day to help build a routine.  Without creating a baseline, attaining step goals will be extremely difficult to reach or go over.

Build it into your workday. If you have a job sitting at a desk, build in walk breaks. Even five minutes to clear your move bar will improve productivity and gets you closer to the step goal.

Get outside. For many people, it’s finally a time of year where the weather is no longer an excuse to not exercise. Instead of hunching over your computer or staring at the television,take at least 10-20 minutes to put in some steps outdoors.  

Find different routes. Unless the treadmill is your favorite machine, most people like to have different options on their walks. Explore your neighborhood or go out to a local park for some fresh air – take the long way home and get in extra steps.

Stay motivated. There will be days when you just want to be lazy and 10,000 steps seems impossible. Find a walking partner to help you be accountable or after seven consecutive days of meeting your step goal, reward yourself with something fun like your favourite treat. 

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