The New FR60 – Help Harness Your Workouts

Garmin is pleased to announce the arrival of the FR60, a unique fitness watch that is set to change the way you train.

The FR60 is an advanced watch that is simple to use and measures the fitness factors that are important for everyone, every day.

From how far and how fast you complete your workout to how many calories you’ve burned and your heart rate, the FR60 offers a complete solution whether you’re going for the burn in a gym, a long cycle or a jog across the local park.


The breakthrough of the FR60 is in its usability; your workouts can be wirelessly downloaded using ANT+ technology to your PC or Mac so that you can quickly and easily keep an eye on your progress. The FR60 with ANT+ is also set to be compatible with selected third party fitness equipment.

And with Garmin Connect, Garmin’s online training community, you can share training information with coaches, personal trainers, friends and family.

The FR60 is the perfect companion, available for both men and women. The lightweight watch and comfortable heart rate monitor can also be combined with an optional featherweight, slim footpod or paired with a Garmin bike sensor, which with rear-wheel mounted speed and cadence sensor – will work equally well on the road, trail or indoors on the turbo trainer.

The FR60 not only takes into account your physical fitness but has also been ergonomically designed to be comfortable as you train.

The men’s FR60 comes in two colours, grey/red and black with each colour signifying its specific offering – the Grey / red FR60 comes with a heart rate monitor and the Black FR60 has a heart rate monitor as well as a slim footpod, for those who want to keep an eye on their distance and pace.


For women, the FR60 has been created to meet the needs of varying and smaller wrist sizes; it is also lighter in weight than the male FR60. It is available in lilac with a heart rate monitor and also in black with a monitor and footpod.

For more information on how the FR60 can help you meet your goals and make the most out of your fitness regime visit

Garmin celebrates its 20th anniversary of leading the technology and innovation field. Garmin is a household name globally in the automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and fitness industries.