The BRITS, 24th March…First female boarder!

IMG_0216 Today saw the first female border grab the Garmin Downhill challenge by the horns to get an impressive 90.2 kmh – giving the skiers a run for their money!
We had lots of people try a Forerunner 310XT today, some impressive max speeds were clocked, check out the results below:



Nathan Connolly 116 MS
James Barrow 113 MBIMG_0231
David Seeley 110 MB
Simon Brown 109 MB
Miles McNeany 104 MB
Ben Stoppani 101 MB
Paul Lavelle 97.7 MB
Edward Baguley 95.6 MB
Laura Berry 90.2 FB
Scott Walker 83.8 MB
Ray Smith 78.8 MS 
A few more days left to get your name up there!

MB Male Boarder, FB Female border, MS Male Skiier, FS Female skiier