Team Garmin show great spirit

Monday 30th June

Team Garmin embarked on the final leg of the race from Lowestoft to Portsmouth with a plucky spirit and determination to finish in a strong position. Unfortunately the engine problems that had plagued the team’s efforts from the outset came back for one last bite! The guys found the nearest port on their Garmin 5012 and stopped briefly at Felixstowe Ferry to repair the engine. The team left Felixstowe but unfortunately the engine problems were too severe and forced them to retire the boat at Shotley Marina. Determind to join their competitors the guys jumped in a car to head down to the awards ceremony where they received an award for 3rd place in their class.

Although they faced some tough conditions on the waters and multiple problems with the boat’s engine, the morale in team stayed high throughout the race and Garmin are a proud sponsor. On behalf of Garmin we congratulate the team for achieving 3rd place in their class. Well done!

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