Team Garmin Hit The High Seas!

This week members of Team Garmin have been out on our sponsored test boat, the Hayden conducting some product familiarity training.  A cold and frosty morning greeted our intrepid explorers as they lined up along the Hythe Marina pontoon and watched as the Hayden pulled in.

Once safely aboard, the fun began and Garmin’s trusty GHP 10 Autopilot steered the crew out onto the open seas. The Captain demonstrated the Autopilot as the Hayden sailed smoothly across the waters to the inputted end point.

Team Garmin now frost-bitten from the wind retired below deck and watched proceedings on the Garmin touchscreen GPSmap 5012, as the captain directed the GHP 10 via remote control. The team watched the radar overlay screen, spotted sand banks with "fish-eye view" and witnessed a Coast Guard Mayday call from a sinking boat, which made them very glad they had all the best navigation equipment to get them safely back to shore.