Team Garmin battle on

Monday 23rd June

Weather conditions: Fair
Wind: Force 3/4

After initial technical difficulties Team Garmin were pleased to get back in the waters of Milford Haven and were making steady progress towards Bangor cruising at 45-50 knots as they were cautious of encoring further engine problems.

Unfortunately the team were unaware that the connection between the fuel line and fuel filter had become loose and was leaking fuel. Due to the heat from the engine the fuel caught alight. This was swiftly dealt with by the automatic fire extinguishers onboard and thankfully no one was injured although the once pristine beast of a boat suffered some slight charring! The team sensibly headed for Cardigan Bay where they fixed the problem.

There were two hours before sun set and the team were debating whether to head for Bangor as they could possibly still complete the leg; a decision was made not to attempt the remainder of the leg in the rapidly fading light and to travel to Inverness via road to take on the Inverness to Edinburgh leg fully fit and prepared.


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