Ryder rivals for Rocacorba record


As part of his final preparations before the Tour de France, Team Garmin’s Ryder Hesjedal made an assault on Dan Martin’s epic Rocacorba record and his efforts were filmed for all to see.
With teammate Martin’s 28:38 time in his sight, we see Ryder battle the notorious climb pursued by physios Inigo San Millan and Carlos Gonzalez Haro spurring him on.

When he reaches the top he’s promptly lactate-tested to gauge his maximum aerobic speed and power output, to ensure his training plans remain perfectly suited to his physiology.

Ryder banked his Rocacorba endeavour, tracked by his Garmin Edge bike computer, at online training community Garmin Connect for teammates and fans to track his Tour preparations and see what it's like to be a pro-cyclist.

Clocking an impressive 29:09, Ryder is inching closer to Martin’s mighty record, with less than 30 seconds to shave off his time on his next Rocacorba climb.

Keep checking in to Garmin Cycle Club to see who reigns over Rocacorba and watch this space for an announcement which may see you sizing up the mountain in a virtual climb alongside our pro-cyclist squad.