Outdoor GPS training with Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports

Ellis brigham training Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports pride themselves on providing exceptional service to their customers and knowing about all of the products that they sell in-store. One of the ways that they do this is by getting out of the stores for a few days and spending some quality time on the hill. In this case, Snowdonia was the destination, with the Snowdon horseshoe and Glyder Fach the mountains. Together with 20 members of staff from various stores, 3 from head office and me we planned and then navigated our routes around Snowdonia. One

For the trip we used Oregon 300 and 400t models with GB Discoverer OS 1:50k and 1:25k mapping, eTrex Vista HCx and GPSmap 60CSx with Topo GB and even the brand new, not yet released Dakota 20 with OS maps. The GPS's provided a quick, reliable GPS position displayed on OS maps to aid our navigation while routes were transferred wirelessly fromOregon to Oregon/Dakota easily so we all knew where we were going.