Log on to Opencaching.com and win a chirp every week!

We are giving away a chirp a week for the next 12 weeks.  From today through to May those who publish approved caches on OpenCaching.com will get the chance to win a chirp wireless geocaching beacon. Watch the video below to learn more about our chirp, bringing even more creativity and connectivity to your caches. Entering the Sweepstakes is easy (click here for official rules), as every approved cache you create at OpenCaching.com gives you a chance to enter.Chirp 2

Publish one approved cache, and you get the opportunity to submit one Sweepstake entry. Create four approved caches in a day, get four entries that day, etc. Just remember to check the “Enter me in the Sweepstakes” box when publishing a cache to let us know you want to submit a Sweepstakes entry.

Once you’ve entered, be sure to check your inbox to find out if you’ve won. We'll notify winners within the week you entered. Feel free to try each week! Not only does every published cache give you a chance to win a chirp, but it also gives your fellow cachers another adventure just waiting to happen. So one cacher a week wins a chirp, and everyone gets to enjoy the efforts behind every entry.

For more information go to  http://www.garmin.com/uk/win-a-chirp/