Keep up to speed with the FR60 6 Week Challenge

Mike and Claire have been tackling the FR60 6 Week Challenge head on over the past 3 weeks and are already noticing positive changes in their fitness levels and weight.

Gait Mike has recognized the importance of wearing the correct footwear whilst running any length of distance. Wearing inappropriate footwear can put unnecessary strain on your body that can result in future physical problems so the kind people at Alton Sports, Alton gave Mike a gait analysis to fit him with the correct running footwear to help him along his fitness mission.

James from Alton Sports carefully analysed Mike’s running style and natural body mechanics using a camcorder and software package on his laptop. From this thorough analysis Mike was fitted with a pair of Adidas running shoes in a whopping size 12.5 that suited his running style and will provide him with the maximum support whilst training.

Follow Mike and Claire as they continue to train with the FR60, use the training programs and see how you could improve your lifestyle.