Join the new Garmin Clubs

Join the new Garmin Clubs

If you belong to a Running Club, Triathlon Club, or Cycling Club then make sure you sign-up to one of the new Garmin Club Websites and start using Garmin Connect so that you can view your entire club's activities, goals and achievements at a glance.

Garmin Connect

By using Garmin Connect you can store and analyse the latest training runs, rides, race days, personal bests and keep the all-important club records.

Become a Club Ambassador and sign-up your cycling club, running club, or triathlon club today. Each club signing-up will receive a free limited edition t-shirt, plus the chance to win ten Garmin GPS sports products for their club, and the opportunity to join a Garmin ride-out. Decide which club is for you:

Join Garmin Run Club

Join Garmin Cycle Club

Join Garmin Tri Club

Don't belong to a sports club?

Don't worry if you don't belong to a sports club. You can still use Garmin Connect to set up your club page for you and your mates to track your personal performance by connecting your Garmin Sports Watch or Cycling computer to the website.

Visit one of the club sites for more information.