It’s hotting up for Investec in the #4miler

As the days go by a competitive edge is beginning to creep
into the Investec team as they take the Garmin #4miler Challenge to a whole new

David Knott

The fastest time yet of 27 minutes 58 seconds belongs to 33-year-old
private banker David Knott who is clearly reaping the rewards as he prepares
for the Chelmsford Off-Road Duathlon later this year. “It’s been hugely
rewarding,” Knott said. “I tend to go out as and when I can throughout the day,
in fact I clocked the fastest time at 7.30am when the roadways were at their clearest.” 

Knott is also benefiting from his new heart monitor, as supplied by Garmin for
the #4miler. “It’s not something I’ve ever measured before, so it’s been really
interesting,” he added. “At the moment I’m clocking at between 160 and 185 beats
per minute and I’m hoping for that to come down as my fitness increases. “My
short-term aim is just to run the loop in a fast a time as possible in preparation
for the duathlon and this will give me a good indication as to my overall
fitness. “Running with colleagues and the competitive edge that goes with that
is really spurring me on.”

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