Improving Your Golf Swing

The perfect golf swing looks effortless but can be hard to master. Read our easy golf swing tips for advice on swinging out of the rough, escaping those tricky sand traps, using wearable technology and achieving a satisfying swing:

Mastering your golf club grip

Beginning with your non-dominant hand, align your open palm with the club shaft so the back of your hand faces the ball and target. Close your hand, keeping your thumb on top of the shaft. Directly beneath, use your dominant hand to grasp the club at a 45 degree angle to the ground, so that it lies across your lower palm.

Golf swing

Refining your backswing

To play like a golf pro, practise shifting your weight to the front of your back foot and keeping your grip on the club shaft light, yet controlled. Line up your shot and focus on getting your body and club into the right position for accuracy rather than speed or force. Improving your golf backswing requires practise, so take your time.

The golf downswing

Imagine your head is the central pivot around which your torso must turn. Focus on gaining momentum from your body as well as your arms to increase the drive behind your swing. Bring the club down to meet the ball in a smooth motion, keeping your shoulders square. If you set the swing up correctly, you should be able to follow through with your full force and send the ball flying.

Wearable golf technology

Wearable technology could well be the key to improving your golf swing! By helping you to judge distance and improve precision, golf gadgets can act as your own personal swing training aid. The best wearable technology for golfers can help you with everything from lowering your handicap to navigating the course.

Getting your golf ball to go the distance

Hone your swing technique and you will achieve greater power. A common mistake is failing to swing the golf club in the correct direction behind the shoulder. Swinging the club behind the body instead changes the angle and trajectory. Raising the back heel (if and when it feels natural) affords a bigger swing and can help to keep the hips level.

Escaping the rough and sand traps

To get out of the rough, grip your club and approach the ball at a steep angle, aiming to hit it close to the ground. To hit out of a sand trap, position your feet so that they are a little closer together than in a traditional swing set up. This makes the swing steeper. Aim for your club to enter the sand just behind the ball, so that it carries it out of the trap.

Now you’ve read our tips, it’s time to go out and play like a golf pro. Follow us on Twitter or Like our Facebook page for more golfing advice.