Getting FIT with fēnix

When we designed fēnix, we wanted to create a product that was built to endure the toughest outdoor conditions but was also a stylish daily watch.  We’ve loved seeing the photos and hearing the stories of all the places fēnix has already gone, and we’re excited to see where you’ll take it next.  To help get you into shape for what you are about to achieve on and off the trail, we’re excited to share many of the fitness and training features of fēnix.  To ensure you have the features discussed below, be sure to update your firmware through BaseCamp, or Garmin Connect.

Indoor Training

We know you love to be outdoors, but we also know that sometimes you have to train indoors.  With Garmin fenix outdoor GPS watch, it doesn’t matter – you’ll never train alone.  Simply select Setup, then GPS Mode, then Indoor, and fēnix is ready to log your entire training session.  Indoor training logs information from every sensor you’ve connected (heart rate, bike cadence, foot pod cadence/distance/speed, & temperature) to a .FIT file with a once-per-second time interval.  At the end of your training session, this information can easily be uploaded to Garmin Connect or reviewed on the device from the FIT History menu item.

Foot Pod Support

In addition to heart rate and cadence, we’ve added support for ANT+ foot pods to fēnix.  In fēnix, foot pods can be used to provide cadence information in steps per minute, measure speed & distance during indoor training sessions, and even provide speed information when GPS is enabled.

To pair your fēnix to a foot pod, select Setup, then ANT Sensor, then Foot Pod, then On.  If you wish to calibrate it immediately, you can select Foot Pod again, then select Calibrate. To use a foot pod for speed information indoors & outdoors, select Setup, then Fitness, then Always On.  Because these settings may be unique to each activity, these settings and calibration data are saved with each profile.

Hot Keys

We understand that when you’re training, you may prefer easy ways to start, stop, or lap the timer.  With our Hot Keys function, the power to match fēnix to your training style is at your finger tips.  You can customize the behavior of many buttons by selecting Setup, then System, then Hot Keys.  From this menu, you can setup the behavior the up, down, and back keys (as well as pressing & holding the up and down keys) when viewing data pages.

FIT History

We’ve added a FIT History item to the main menu. You can now review your training sessions in more detail, manage all the .FIT files on your device and even convert them to tracks for future track navigation, or for use with BaseCamp Mobile or other applications that prefer .GPX files.