Garmin’s Touchscreen Oregon™ Series Gives Outdoor Enthusiasts the World at their Fingertips

Oregon_2Today we introduced the Oregon series of handheld GPS devices for outdoor, marine and fitness enthusiasts, combining an intuitive touchscreen interface, rugged, resilient design and a variety of preloaded mapping options.

The Oregon’s vibrant screen is responsive to the touch of your finger, yet resistant to the forces of nature,” said Clive Taylor, Garmin’s Director of Product. “Combining the touchscreen interface of our leading automotive devices with the preloaded features of our acclaimed recreation products makes this the ultimate outdoor handheld.

Easy to learn and simple to use, the Oregon features a high-sensitivity GPS receiver, preloaded mapping and a high-resolution, colour 3-inch screen that reacts as users tap or drag through menus and options.

On a mountain or an ocean, satellite reception is even faster than before thanks to Garmin’s new HotFixTM feature, which automatically calculates and stores critical satellite information and can use that information to quickly calculate a position without waiting for data collection from the satellites.

To find out more about the Oregon visit the Garmin website and the dedicated Oregon microsite.