Garmin Mobile XT – Something to talk about

Mobile XT It’s the one thing you never forget – your mobile phone. So make sure you’ve got Garmin Mobile XT on it.

You can now turn almost any smartphone with internal GPS into a Garmin sat-nav. Garmin Mobile XT is simply a card (microSD, miniSD or standard SD card – whichever your phone takes) that you slot into your handset. It then gives you the ability to navigate anywhere in the UK, Europe or the United States and Canada.

Unlike other mobile phone applications, Garmin Mobile XT offers convenient preloaded maps and includes access to dynamic content like premium real-time traffic alerts and weather reports but does not require any monthly fees (except for safety camera alerts).

You can also keep track of friends and family and navigate to them at the touch of a button with a special feature called PeerPoints. This makes it possible to send your position to any other phone as well as view and navigate to the location of other Garmin Mobile XT users. Garmin Mobile XT is compatible with a wide range of smartphones including models by Sony Ericsson, HP, Nokia, HTC and Samsung. It also works with operating systems such as Windows Mobile, Palm and S60 v3. So make the most out of your smartphone by taking advantage of Garmin Mobile XT – it’s perfect for life on the go!