Garmin Hamble Winter Series – Race results from weekend four

The fourth weekend of the Garmin Hamble Winter Series saw encouraging sailing conditions with twenty knots on Saturday and a moderate wind on Sunday.

A looming cold front postponed Sunday racing and passed after a few hours, clearing the race area.
Two days of exciting racing occurred with six wins from the Hunter 707  ‘Betty’ in the Autumn championships making her the highest scoring boat of the weekend.

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Garmin Hamble Winter Series Results:

IRC class 0
Race 1 and 2: Batfish iii

IRC class 1
Race 1: Premier Flair
Race 2: Quokka

IRC class 2
Race 1 and 2 : Flexer

IRC class 3
Race 1: Jump & Shout
Race 2: Festina Lente

IRC class 4
Race 1: Whippa Snappa
Race 2: Runaway Bus

Race 1: Aria
Race 2: Johnny Blue II

Race 1 and 2: Fay-J

Laser SB3
Race 1: Badger
Race 2: Redman Fisher

Race 1: Joystick
Race 2: Savage Sailing Team

Hunter 707
Race 1 and 2: Betty