Garmin goes to the hills

Nothing beats getting out of the office, breathing in some fresh air and going for a walk in the hills.

So two of us in the PR team here at Garmin along with some keen (and far more experienced walkers) went on a GPS Training  weekend in the beautiful Lake District. The aim was to brush up on our map-reading skills and use our Garmin handhelds in the great outdoors.

After going over the basics of grid references, calculating distances and how to use a compass we were quickly able to put theory into practise, seeing just how helpful a Garmin GPS can be, especially in bad or unpredictable weather. Fortunately the sun shone on us despite all the warnings about freezing temperatures and pouring rain! 



Today our legs ache but the views made it all worthwhile. And we both feel a lot more confident about venturing out into the hills again using a Garmin handheld – backed up by our map-reading abilities – a crucial skill, even with a whizzy GPS. Thanks to Peter Davies of GPS Training for looking after us and making the weekend a memorable one!