Garmin Gives Guinness World Records Smashed a lift

OrefgonTeam Garmin has recently been applying its make up and preparing its TV skills, as it spent the day in Greenwich helping the new Sky One pilot of Guinness World Records Smashed. Garmin helped record a brand new world record for the highest reverse bungee jump ever with the aid of the Oregon 300.

The contenders for this new record were none other than GMTV's Ben Shepherd and Radio One's  Fearne Cotton.  After a few hours of testing the bungee cord and stabilising the 300ft high crane, Ben and Fearne went head to head with the aid of the Oregon's in their bags to try and go higher than anyone attached to a large piece of elastic had vertically been before.

Guinness World Record Adjudicator Marco Frigatti oversaw the process to crown Ben Shepherd the eventual winner.  To catch up on all of the backstage gossip visit