Garmin Connect welcomes GPS handhelds to online community

OutdoordevicesToday brought great news for hikers, campers, geocachers and anyone else with a love of outdoor activities. Online training community Garmin Connect is proud to welcome our GPS handhelds to the site.

Garmin Connect now supports uploads from Garmin GPS handhelds including the touchscreen Dakota and Oregon series' as well as mass storage devices such as zūmo and nüvi. This is exciting news, as it means the site now supports all of Garmin's fitness and outdoor devices. Now more than ever, Garmin Connect is your friendly, functional site for sharing, saving and storing activities recorded on your Garmin device.

For those of you with a Garmin GPS handheld you can expect many new Garmin Connect features and improvements to your favourite features:

Easy uploads for new-generation Garmin devices
Manual uploads for .gpx files
Activity log in table view
Activity log in the new Calendar view
Detailed analysis of activities
Relive activities in the improved Player
View activities on maps including our new embedded Google Earth view
Export to Google Earth
Share activities on Facebook and Twitter
Export activity files in .gpx and .tcx format to use on third-party applications
Explore other routes from Garmin customers – 15 million plus activities and counting
Over 38,000 new activities uploaded everyday
Send any track found at Garmin Connect in Explore to your Garmin Outdoor device for navigation

If you're new to Garmin Connect there's never been a better time to join our community!