Garmin Brings AC-U-KWIK Data to Portable Avionics

Garmin (NASDAQ: GRMN), the global leader in satellite navigation, announced today that it will begin offering AC-U-KWIK Airport Directory data on its aera® 550/560 and GPSMAP® 695/696 portable aviation devices.

“Pilots and flight departments now have another resource that they can use to help them find accurate and detailed information at public airports,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s vice president of marketing.  “Many corporate flight departments already use AC-U-KWIK, and the availability of this data on select Garmin portables will be a welcome electronic extension of that information in the cockpit.”


The AC-U-KWIK data contains a directory of more than 7,800 airports globally, and contains hard-to-find information for pre-flight planning in North America, Europe, Asia, Central America, the Caribbean, South America, Africa and Australia. Users have detailed information at their fingertips – information like FBOs and handlers, fuel providers, customs information, ground transportation, charter companies, catering services and more.

Any new aera 550/560 and GPSMAP 695/696 units that are designed for use in Europe or Asia will be pre-loaded with AC-U-KWIK data beginning in the second quarter of 2011. North American units will continue to be pre-loaded with AOPA Airport Directory data, but North American customers can choose to switch to AC-U-KWIK data for a fee. AC-U-KWIK data is available today from for $49.95 for a single update and $195 for an annual subscription. It is also available as part of the bundled database packages offered from