Garmin Announces New Vector Pedal Pod Size

Vector pedal

We’re excited to announce that Garmin’s unique pedal-based power meter, Vector, now has a larger pedal pod option. The large set fits crank arms 15-18 mm thick and 44 mm wide. With this additional crank arm clearance, Vector fits almost any bike.

Easy to install and transfer from bike to bike, Vector delivers objective, repeatable metrics for training and assessing performance, including total power (in watts), cadence, torque effectiveness, and pedal smoothness. Vector also measures balance between left and right to train for maximum efficiency, and transmits data to a compatible Edge®, Forerunner® or other ANT+™ enabled head unit for easy viewing*.

Vector pedal2

The possibilities for how Vector’s unique force data could be used in the future are virtually endless. Users could detect their signature of when they become fatigued, determine if they are properly fit to their bike, measure the level of effectiveness of their pedal stroke, and more.

The large pedal pod is available for purchase from 


*Compatible units include the Edge 500, 510, 800, 810, 1000 and Forerunner 310XT and 910XT.