Forerunner 405 ensures you’ll never train alone

Hrrfforerunner405_4Make your fitness programme – and your body – Forerunner 405. This wristwatch-mounted personal navigator packs a host of powerful functions into a sleek, compact and fashionable design that doesn’t look out of place in your exercise kit.

The 405 is designed for people of all levels of fitness – from recreational joggers to elite athletes – and boasts training tools to track speed, distance, heart rate and location. The neat feature that will get you talking is its ‘Virtual Partner’ mode, a personal trainer and pace runner in one. So you’ll never have to drag a reluctant friend after you or keep to a spHrlfgforerunner405_2 eed that doesn’t suit the way you train. Put the Virtual Partner through its paces without missing a beat.

The Forerunner 405 GPS receiver tracks your course across country or cityscape, building up an accurate picture of your training programme for wireless transfer and analysis when you decide to stop