Final prize up for grabs in Garmin MTB Academy


The Garmin MTB Academy series heads to Queen Elizabeth Park, Hampshire this Sunday with the final space on the roster up for grabs. Following last months awesome event at Glentress in Scotland the challenge is set for those wanting to win a Garmin Edge or Dakota, as well as a £2.5k Commencal 4.1 Mountain Bike and the amazing opportunity to ride for the weekend with Downhill legend Steve Peat. There's still time to sign up for your chance to win simply visit for more details.

Here's's recap of the events in Glentress as Gavin Ferguson claimed his place on the roster. "Heavy rain on Sunday morning failed to deter dozens of riders from signing up for the challenge – and with a Commencal Super 4.1 bike, a weekend riding with Steve Peat and a Garmin GPS unit all up for grabs, who could blame them?

The aim of the day was to navigate your way round a special loop of Glentress's world-class mountain bike trails in the quickest time possible using a route plotted on a Garmin Edge.

Participants ranged from 10-year-olds and teenagers on freeride bikes to semi-pro racers and even a national cross-country champion.

One of the first quick times was put in by Paul McInally, 35, who works at Rock and Road Cycles in Bridge Of Allan, near Stirling. He said: "The course is pretty slimy. It’s hard on the climbs on this big heavy bike [Trek Remedy]; the descents were good though. I've got my own Garmin but I’ve only used basic functions before. The chap from Garmin put the course map on it and it was really handy.”

Paul mcinally at the garmin mtb day, glentress:

Taking the event somewhat less seriously were Rod Mason and his mates from Manchester, who were in Glentress for his stag do. Rod, 33, had high hopes for success in the challenge after a strong finish at Mountain Mayhem. But minutes before he was due to set off, his friends announced that he would have to leave his normal On-One behind and ride a folding shopper instead.

The idea was that he would get a minute's head start and then they'd chase him down. But he was so busy weaving the flexy bike through the trees that he missed a turn and had to go back and start again.

Rod mason and his mates dropped into the garmin mtb day in glentress as part of his stag do:

His friend Michael Hitchmouch, 35, from

Warrington, said

: “Awesome fun – not sure about the stag do hangover though! Brought out the competitive instincts nicely!"

“Even with a serious hangover, the Garmin unit got us round the woods in one piece chasing the stag on a folding shopping bike," said Ian McKinley, 37, from Ramsbottom. "Thanks Garmin!"

Rory millington and jack fraser at the garmin mtb day, glentress:

Hangovers certainly weren't a problem for 10-year-olds Jack Fraser and Rory Millington, who took on the tricky course with vigour, including a particularly treacherous section which locals said was unofficially rated double black. Their verdict? “It was brilliant!”

Lesley ingram at the garmin mtb day, glentress:

Lesley Ingram, 27, who rides for Glentress Riders, was the fastest woman and won the spot prize – a Garmin Edge. She was delighted to hear that her time of 22min 9sec was faster than that set by her team boss the previous day.

Former World Cup downhill star Emma Guy, who runs The Hub bike shop and cafe at the foot of the hill, had ridden the course to check it out, but claimed she hadn't been going full pelt.

It was Lesley's first time using a bike GPS, which she described as “brilliant”. “I was working hard out there,” she said.

Lewis kirkwood at the garmin mtb day, glentress:

Lewis Kirkwood, 16, Tweedmuir, was another fast rider, completing the course in 19min 44sec. “It was good, but I went to bed at 1am so I didn’t expect much," he said. "It was quite handy having the Garmin because there was one bit where there was no sign, and it was really easy to follow.”

Grant ferguson at the garmin mtb day, glentress:

In the end, it was British youth national champion Grant Ferguson, from nearby Peebles, who set the fastest time of the day –17min 3sec.

The 15-year-old, who receives support from Dooleys Cycles, said: "It feels great to have won. It was good fun, a great mix of tracks – manmade and natural."

Soaking up some of glentress's great trails at the garmin mtb day:

The course took in everything from twisting singletrack climbs and steep, slippery descents to part of Glentress's freeride area, with jumps, berms and North Shore ladders.

To see the stats for Grant's winning run on Garmin Connect, including the speeds he was travelling at and an overview of the course, click here"