End of Race 12 Sees Team Garmin Nudge Even Closer to the Podium

Jan Ridd’s Team Garmin once again just missed out on a podium place at the end of an exciting Race 12 in the Leg 7 of The Clipper Round the World Race. After completing the 590 mile route from Panama to Jamaica, Team Garmin finished in fourth place behind Switzerland.

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Reflecting on their performance, the Team Garmin skipper said, “The team was very close to getting its first podium place, coming in fourth. I thought we were going to make it and we just had to put one tack in. It didn't quite happen but we’ll keep on trying. The team is getting better and more confident with each leg so we’ll keep trying. Hopefully in New York we’ll be on the podium.”

As one of the shorter races, Ridd found Race 12 a challenge. “On shorter races, one mistake can cost you the race,” he said, “You have to be on your game for every decision, every manoeuvre and every tack. If you lose ten miles, that’s a big percentage on the overall race. On a long race, you can gain that back. On a short race you can’t.”

After a week stopover in Jamaica, the twelve Clipper Round the World Race teams leave the tropical island and head to New York where they will sail into lighter winds near the Windward Passage before heading into the variable winds associated with the depressions coming from the North American land mass. What is sure to provide a thrilling race for those following on dry land, this next stage will no doubt prove to be one of the biggest challenges yet for the crews on board!

To follow the Team Garmin’s progress, visit www.clipperroundtheworld.com