Dani King Guest Post: Garmin is a cycling essential

I use my Garmin [Edge 1000] every time I get onto my bike, to train or race. I feel completely reliant on it for getting the most out of myself in training. I can use it to its full advantage with the power data it displays and also the mapping. Orienteering is not one of my strong points so the mapping on my Garmin makes it so easy for me to be confident in exactly where I'm going and for how many kilometres I need to ride – especially handy when I'm abroad.


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I usually travel to races around the world a few days before competition so there are always times we need to suss out routes for pre competition training. My Garmin gives me the confidence that wherever I am I will be able to ride my bike and feel safe that I won't get lost in the middle of no where.

When I get ready to ride my bike, I automatically think; helmet, shoes, Garmin and bike! These are my essentials!