Countdown to London continues

Big-ben-picture-2 Following weeks of avoidance it finally happened, my daughter passed on an illness in the form of a cold that would have knocked many a man to his bed. This resulted in one of the toughest weeks I’ve experienced since training for the 2009 Flora London Marathon began. On the flipside it also saw my partner in crime Mark Timms, knocking minutes off his PB with a 10 mile run in just 1 hour 14. What a performance by Timmsy, not sure where he finished in the Salisbury 10 miler – but I’m still trying to work out how he’s 10 minutes ahead of me already!!!

This week though I’ve managed to pull past the evil man-flu and get back to some solid training. The 11 miler on Sunday wasn’t the worst I’ve experienced, but I was happy to see the tiredness exiting my body as I set out on an hour session of increased threshold running on Tuesday. 6.5 miles in under 51 was a pretty good come back for me and I now feel ready to go into a pivotal week of training. The team at Full Potential have given me my latest two week schedule and the reassuring support to know that I’m on schedule with my race pace. I’m getting the mileage in the tank and starting to think about what it’s going to be like on race day. It’s a great way to put the bounce back in your step after a long run and you’re closing in on home.

Garmin Connect is also developing. Shortly you should see the Explore section of the site go live. Then I’ll never be short of ideas on where to go for a run with all other Connect users sharing their great routes in my area. Although where I live, the coast line is a big draw for runners so I’m expecting to see how many other Connect users I’ve been bumping into without realising!! Check out whats new!