Cotswold put the Forerunner 405 through its paces!

One of the largest resellers of Garmin kit in the UK for outdoor & sport related activities is Cotswold Outdoor ( In the attached pictures you will find some of the staff getting to grips with some of the Forerunner devices during an active adventure skills training session in preparation for the new Forerunner 405 to come into store. Garmin make products available for training sessions so that when you go into one of the many specialist outdoor or sport stores up and down the country needing to know which Garmin unit suits your activity needs, they can expertly advise.


During this training session many new and existing pieces of outdoor kit were tested to their extremes and the Garmin Forerunner 405 came top of the pile from Cotswold Outdoor staff for the products that they would most want to have with them during an adventure race. See the scoreboard below…