Connect with friends, family and fellow athletes around the world with the latest feature from Garmin Connect – Connections

Millions of runners, cyclists, swimmers and hikers using our trusted Garmin GPS devices have made Garmin Connect into one of the most robust fitness communities in the World.

Dashboard-explore-menuWith our latest Garmin Connect update, we have taken a step forward to allow our users to have more of that community feel. You are now able to look up and connect with your friends and training buddies across the world. Search for them by either their real names or by their Garmin Connect display names.

Here's how:
1. Sign in to Garmin Connect
2. Go to the "Explore" tab
3. Select "People"
4. Type in your search criteria (a name or display name) and hit "Search"

Find-connectionsYou'll then see a list of people who match your criteria. If you find your friend, you can either click his or her name to view her Garmin Connect profile or you can click the "Connect" button next to the name. When you click "Connect" your friend will be sent an email saying you'd like to connect with him on Garmin Connect. (Or, he or she'll see a notification when signing in to Garmin Connect next time.) Your friends can then sign in to their accounts and confirm the connection.

Once you two are connected, you can see one another's activities in your respective activities feeds. (Think of social media feeds, but what shows up are people's activities, not their lunch plans). There might be times when you want to call out a friend, make a public challenge to a cycling or running partner or just leave a, "Way to go". Well, that's right around the corner!

Dashboard-explore-menuYou have complete control of what your connections see, so if there are certain activities you do not want to share, you can mark them private. If you have questions about your current privacy settings, be sure to log in to your account, click your display name in the top right corner and choose settings. Community-management and moderation features are also on the way as we want to ensure the best and safest experience.

Now start making those Connections! Why not connect with the guys from the Team Garmin Sharp pro cycling team as a first try?  Search for “team-garmin” and follow Ryder Hesjedal & Co on their rides around the world!