Alistair Brownlee is fighting his way back to full fitness

Since it has been some time since my last post I'll be very British and break the ice with the a comment on the weather…Wet! Not a lot more to say on that, apart from there certainly isn't a drought in Yorkshire.  There is certainly nothing too exciting to report at the minute. I've had a great month or so doing what I call training, to train. So getting lots of hours of training done in the rain, getting my body back into the shape so that I can begin to train at the intensity required to be back at the top. That has all gone really well, and although I've been very tired, my legs have been holding up really well. The next few weeks will be the most crucial though. I feel like I'm ready to begin what I would call 'proper training'. This involves some very intense and fast running. This really will be the 'kill or cure' moment of my return to fitness. Having not really put my ankle and Achilles through anything that testing for 3 months it's a big and very important step.

_DSC6445I have been really looking forward to getting to this point though, so I can begin to reduce the hours of training but get the speed up. All athletes love going fast, and it is a fantastic feeling especially getting back on the track and getting involved in a session with the group. It's going to be a real shock to the system but if I can get through the next few weeks without anything flaring up then I can get back to some real fitness. Here’s a ride from last week with some intensity: 

Well done to Jonny on Saturday in San Diego. I’m not 100% sure when I’ll be ready to race at that level, it might be Madrid or I may wait until Kitzbuhel.