Ahmed gets extreme with Garmin!

Ahmed Al-Majed works for the Extreme Sports Company in Kuwait, he not only sells Garmin products but uses them in everyday life.

For Ahmed, however, everyday life is somewhat unusual – he recently took part in his latest Ironman in Belgium and adds this to a string of previous competitions including ultra marathons, adventure races and climbing expeditions.

Ahmed irnoman3

Having started his extreme hobbies in 2004, Ahmed has relied on a series of Garmin fitness products to get him through both his training and the races themselves.


Ahmed enthused: "I started with the Forerunner 305, I liked it so much I upgraded to the Forerunner 405 and now I rely on the Forerunner 310XT - I love it, it's the best device for triathletes!"

"My next challenge will be the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, and then who knows? I aim to be a part of the Asian Olympics 2010, but my biggest dream is to take part in the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii."