Aero Expo to debut the UK launch of Garmin’s GPSMAP 495

Gpsmap Aero Expo will be the first time UK pilots will be able to get hands on experience with the new GPSMAp 495 portable GPS unit.  The GPSMAP 495 contains all the features of our award-winning GPSMAP 496 without City Navigator. Elimination of this feature significantly reduces the price of this new offering, providing the serious pilot with the best value in aviation portables available today. 

The GPSMAP 495 retains all other valuable features found in the top-of-the-line GPSMAP 496. This includes the European Airspace setups, Obstacles, Visual Reporting points, Helipads and Private strips; Garmin’s patent pending, altitude sensitive Smart Airspace alerts; nearly 10 fold increase in the resolution of our terrain mapping; private airports and heliports; and the lightning fast 5 Hz GPS update rate, which provides a near real-time Panel Page display for track and rate of turn indications.

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