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Bounce LTE Safety

Notice: Garmin Assistance Feature Requirements

It is the parent’s or legal guardian’s responsibility to set up the Assistance feature for their child’s device before the child can use that feature on the device. It is also the parent’s or legal guardian’s responsibility to review and understand the Assistance feature of this device to ensure that their child understands how to use the feature in an appropriate and safe manner.

Garmin safety and tracking features1 are a group of on-device features that allow the device user to have a message with a link to their live location sent to their family contacts if they are in need of help. The safety feature available on the user's LTE-capable Garmin device is Assistance2. This feature is supplemental and should not be relied upon as the primary method to obtain emergency aid.

If Assistance is enabled, the user may contact an assistance contact that has been designated in the Garmin Jr.™ app if the Assistance feature is triggered from the user’s device.

If Assistance is activated on the user’s Garmin device, the message with a link to the user's location is transmitted by using the Garmin LiveTrack activity tracking feature. LiveTrack creates a real-time feed of the user’s location and data. If location details are unavailable when the user first triggers an Assistance request, the LiveTrack session will still initiate as soon as a location is acquired by the user’s device.

If enabled, Assistance may be requested manually when the user takes the appropriate actions on the Garmin device. (See the device owner’s manual for more information.)

Assistance Requirements
For Assistance to function properly

  1. The parent or legal guardian must acquire an active LTE subscription for the user’s LTE-capable Garmin device.
  2. The parent or legal guardian must enter all required information into the Garmin Jr. mobile application, including at least one assistance contact phone number.
  3. The parent or legal guardian must ensure that assistance contact phone numbers are accurate, up to date and valid, and the assistance contact phone numbers must be capable of receiving text messages.
  4. The Garmin device must be in an area with the appropriate data network coverage.

1By offering these features, Garmin does not guarantee the user’s safety. These features are designed only to assist in facilitating access to aid in emergency or urgent situations. Garmin does not guarantee the responsiveness, timeliness or efficacy of any such aid.
2To use Assistance, an active subscription plan and LTE connectivity are required; see LTE coverage area at See safety and tracking feature requirements and limitations.