Top 3 stylish watches to keep you on trend this season.

We all need timeless statement fashion pieces, your Garmin watch is included. Only difference is this one tells the time too…

In need of a wearable that’s smart enough to keep up with your day and stylish enough to match your wardrobe? Then look no further than a Garmin smartwatch. We have an array of products that offer both style and substance.

As we all know, looks change with the season so why should your watchband be any different? We have a range and style to suit you, many of which have adaptable features so you can keep up with the hottest trends and colours that are showcased in the upcoming fashion weeks.

Smartwatches are becoming as much as a fashion staple as a little black dress, so we’ve rounded up our top 3 stylish smartwatches to keep you on trend this season. 

Lily: Small smartwatch that makes a big statement.


Perfect for the yogis who brunch.

We’ve all been there. Fitting in a gym class then straight on to meet friends. You need a watch that can track it all, whilst looking stylish.

Made for life on the go. Lily might look like an accessory, but it’s oh so much more. With a widget for yoga, cardio, mindful breathing and more, as well as showing you your calendar at glance. This small, stylish smartwatch will help you keep up with your fitness and your day.

Lily has its own unique patterned lens, that’s subtle enough to complement any look. It also comes in two styles, with both models featuring a choice of colours so you can also switch to different-coloured straps to match your favourite looks.

Vívomove Series: A timeless fashion statement


Perfect for the day to night look.

Your style changes from day to night, your watch doesn’t have to: vívomove Style has the beautiful look of a traditional timepiece, such as a classic watch face with all the inner workings of a modern smartwatch, complete with all-day health and fitness tracking, allowing you to stay on the go, whilst looking stylish.

With a wide variety of Quick Release bands, you can change your band to match your outfit in a blink of an eye. Watch envy is real, we know, and you are bound to cause some with this elegant, modern smartwatch.

Also, no need to take your watch off once the night is over… this one will track your sleep too!

Venu 2S: Tune into your body and mind, without compromising on style.


Perfect for the stylish gym bunnies.

We know you’re often juggling a lot. From work, gym, seeing friends and trying to find some ‘me time’ and you need a watch that can keep up with you! The Venu 2S is the slimmed down version of the Venu Series which doesn’t short-change on the features. It comes jam packed with fitness features to help you understand what is going on in your body. However, it’s not just inside that counts. Venu 2S has a sleek style and comes in multiple colours, so you can wear it all day and anywhere.

If you are out shopping for the latest trends and see a ‘must have’ item you can’t be without, breeze through the checkout line with Garmin Pay with a swipe of your wrist.  It is the watch to enhance your everyday life, whilst complementing any outfit, whether that’s a ‘jeans and nice top’ ensemble or your gym gear, this watch will never look out of place.

Whatever your look, we have the stylish wearable to track your health and fitness.

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