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Update Instruction

  1. Please remove SD card from GPS device before updating map.
  2. Connect the GPS device to computer with the Internet connection, and select Mass Storage Mode.
  3. Install the file “launcher.exe” to computer and execute “launcher.exe” directly.
  4. Follow Garmin Updater instruction. Wait until detecting GPS model name and select OK.
  5. Garmin Updater lists updating items, such as map update and software update. Select Update and follow on screen instruction.
  6. Wait until Update Completed appears, select Exit. Then update has been completed.
  7. Remove the USB connection from computer.

How to check map version?

  1. Select Setting → Map & Vehicle → myMaps
    (nuvi2567LM/ 3592LM/ 2792LM/ 55LM/ 57LM/ 65LM/ 67LM/ 4592LM/ 3560LM/ nuviCamLM)
    or Tools → Settings → Map → Info → map version
    (nuvi 1250/ 1300 Series & 1400 Series/ 3790/ 3790V/ 2465LM/ 2575 Series/ 2565 Series/ 40LM/ 50LM/ 42LM/ 52LM)
  2. To check your map version.


  1. This file will remove original map data.
  2. Please back up the GPX folder on your GPS device to computer in case of the waypoints missing during the download.
  3. If not finding your customized favorites after update finished, it means setup turning into default. Please open back-up GPX folder and find current.gpx. Rename it to 123.gpx, copying 123.gpx to GPX folder under Garmin folder from GPS device. Restart the device.
  4. Any failure, please dial Garmin at +886 2 26429199 ext2 or email Garmin. You may also contact Garmin authorised dealer for product support.