Virtual Run

Garmin Virtual Run – The Best Companion for Indoor Running

During this critical period, people worry about going out to exercise or going to the gym. At this time, performing calisthenics at home or using a treadmill and bike trainer becomes a relatively safe and convenient method. If you are wearing a Forerunner 245, Forerunner 945, fēnix 6 series, or MARQ, update it to the latest version, and you will be able to join the ranks of online virtual running through Bluetooth.

 (Currently, it can only be used by Forerunner 245, Forerunner 945, fēnix 6 series, and MARQ users. The app will be opened for use by more models later.)

Take Forerunner 245 as an example, after it is updated to the latest version, move to “new” in the activity list, and you’ll find “Virtual Run” in the list. After you add the activity to the general activity list and connect the watch to your cell phone / tablet / computer through Bluetooth, you can use the famous virtual exercise software Zwift to start running online. (You need to pay for Zwift bicycle function, but, currently, there is no payment for the running function.)

After opening Zwift and logging in, at the top sports menu, switch from cycling to running. At the same time, open the virtual running exercise mode, and then select the treadmill icon in the Zwift software, and wait for the phone and watch to complete connection. Then, find the device in the menu and select it and the information on the watch will be displayed on Zwift simultaneously, including heart rate, pace, stride frequency, etc.

From the top exercise mode, switch from cycling to running. The watch will open “Virtual Run” synchronously, and select the treadmill icon to connect after confirming that the Bluetooth is turned on.

After selecting, you’ll find the device to connect.

You can choose the route and the matching schedule on the main page. The bottom part is where you can join others to run as a group.

On the same map, you can exercise together with cyclists and runners from different regions.

Through the virtual running exercise mode, the treadmill is no longer as boring. If you have one of the watch models mentioned above and if you happen to have a treadmill at home, why not join the ranks of our online virtual running and start running with friends around the world together at home!