Tacx Indoor Cycling


Cycling on the rollers is an optimal physical exercise to keep fit and healthy. Those with the goal of losing weight can reap countless benefits from indoor sessions, as long as you train methodically and follow a balanced diet. 

In addition to being a valid tool for training during the winter season as a replacement for road trips, the rollers for racing bikes or MTBs also represent an effective strategy against excess pounds. 

To obtain results, however, it is essential to have clear ideas about the type of training to be carried out: here are some tips to put into practice for a correct management of training if you intend to lose weight. 

How to train on the rollers to lose weight 

Those who train on the rollers with the aim of losing weight will have to prefer essentially two working modes: the long-lasting one at a slow pace and the one at rhythm intervals . Let’s see what are the main features of the methods and how to perform them to lose weight: 

1. Cardio or LISS method 
One of the most effective workouts to lose weight by pedaling on the rollers is called cardio or LISS (Low Intensity Steady State): it is an aerobic training to be performed at a constant speed, equal to 60-70% of the maximum heart rate. At these rates, in fact, the consumption of fats is mainly favored, and later that of sugars. 
The duration of the session varies from 30 minutes to two hours, depending on the weight loss goals and according to the general level of physical fitness: for it to be really effective it is important to perform it without variations in intensity and avoiding excessively increasing the heart rate. heart in order to always remain in the aerobic belt. 
To better monitor and manage the amount of effort during the session on the rollers, a Garmin cycle computer may be useful: for example, by pairing the Edge 1030 Plus with your smart trainer you can access the data page and manually set the resistance level of the rollers to make more your training is dynamic and effective. Not only that, thanks to the Training Status function you can access the history and evaluate the performance indicators to find out if the training was effective. 

Monitor your cardio sessions on the rollers with Garmin Edge series cycle computers 

2. Interval Training or HIIT 
Equally effective for losing weight on the rollers is the method of interval training or high intensity intervals, ie sprints or repetitions. This is a short-duration workout that allows you to burn a greater amount of sugar during exercise, promoting post-training metabolic activation that helps weight loss. The HIIT training method essentially consists in alternating high intensity fractions with low impact recovery intervals: in the 24 hours following the session, a process called EPOC is triggered, i.e. an excessive consumption of oxygen that allows the body to return to the conditions prior to the session. work out. This allows you to pedal for much shorter periods of time and to burn calories and fat even in the hours following the session, when you are at rest or during the night. The duration of the intervals obviously depends on the state of form but in principle the sprints and recoveries range from 10 to 30 seconds. 

Now that you know the best roller workouts for weight loss, all you have to do is get in the saddle and pedal towards your goal! 

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