Garmin battery life

How Long Will My Garmin Smartwatch Battery Last?

Answer: Longer than most other smartwatch brands.

If you have to charge your smartwatch every night while you sleep, your smartwatch is falling short. If your smartwatch battery life lasts only a day — or even just a couple — you’re missing out on tracking your body’s physiological metrics while you charge it. This means you’re getting a less accurate picture of your overall health and fitness status, not to mention missing out on the smart notifications you’ve come to rely on while it’s off your wrist and on the charger.

Luckily for you, Garmin watch batteries last a long time — and we mean a long time. At minimum, Garmin fitness and outdoor watches should be getting about a week of battery life before having to recharge, and at maximum you could be getting up to 34 days. (No, that is not a typo – the Garmin Enduro 2 boasts up to 34 days in smartwatch mode — or 46 if you’re using solar charging.) It all depends on the features that are important to you and the watch that best fits your lifestyle. If battery life is important to you (and we bet it is), below we’ve listed each of our smartwatch models and their corresponding battery life capabilities.

Note: It’s important to know that this chart only depicts smartwatch mode. If your specific watch has other capabilities like built-in GPS, battery conservation functionality and more, those numbers may look different.

Garmin WatchUp to This Much Battery Life in Smartwatch Mode
Approach S1210 weeks
Approach S4210 days
Approach S6214 days
Descent G121 days
Descent G1 Solar21 days / 4 months with Solar
Descent Mk216 days
Descent Mk2i16 days
Descent Mk2S7 days
Enduro 234 days / 46 days with Solar
epix (Gen 2)16 days (6 days always-on)
fenix 718 days
fenix 7 Sapphire Solar18 days / 22 days with Solar
fenix 7 Solar18 days / 22 days with Solar
fenix 7S11 days
fenix 7S Sapphire Solar11 days / 14 days with Solar
fenix 7S Solar11 days / 14 days with Solar
fenix 7X Sapphire Solar28 days / 37 days with Solar
fenix 7X Solar28 days / 37 days with Solar
Forerunner 25514 days
Forerunner 255 Music14 days
Forerunner 255S12 days
Forerunner 255S Music12 days
Forerunner 5514 days
Forerunner 95515 days
Forerunner 955 Solar15 days / 20 days with Solar
Instinct 228 days
Instinct 2 Solar28 days / Unlimited with Solar
Instinct 2S21 days
Instinct 2S Solar21 days / 51 days with Solar
Lily5 days
quatix 718 days
quatix 7 Sapphire16 days (6 days always-on)
tactix 7 Pro28 days / 37 days with Solar
Venu 211 days
Venu 2 Plus9 days
Venu 2S10 days
Venu Sq 211 days
Venu Sq 2 Music6 days
vívomove Sport5 days
vívosmart 57 days